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Young Learners Visit the Senedd

Our Traineeship learners from Tydfil Training were invited to attend the Senedd in Cardiff to form part of a Skills Academy Wales consortium wide visit during September. It was an excellent turn out with approximately 30-35 learners in attendance.

After going through security, everyone had the opportunity to walk around the old debating chamber building and then even sit down in the old debating chamber itself. We then had the opportunity to take part in discussions as if we all were elected Assembly Members, putting forward our individual views and then making electronic votes to ascertain a majority outcome.

We discussed if E-Cigs should be subject to the same constraints as cigarettes and be treated with equal distain. We also discussed if the voting age should be reduced to the age of 16 since many issues can affect those within this age group. People can join the armed forces at this age, they can get married, leave education and become employed.

After the debate we had the opportunity to meet and speak with Gwenda Thomas who is the elected Assembly Member for Neath and Port Talbot. This took place in the viewing gallery inside the Senedd. After lunch we returned to the viewing gallery to observe a real live plenary taking place. This was interesting to see how elected members were able to defend the work they do for Wales in answering questions put to them by other political parties in opposition such as Plaid Cymru.

Lastly, everyone had the chance to see the Pierhead building and to understand its historical significance and awesome architectural features before returning home.

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