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Well Done Corrina! from Rehab Job-Fit

I have been unemployed for over a year with no success as to finding a job, when I was referred to Tydfil Training as part of the Rehab Job-Fit Work Programme. I was really low in mood and had lost confidence within myself due to never being out of work and was really struggling to find employment. I was sent correspondence to attend an induction, then on arrival, I was greeted at reception and immediately felt the warmth and passion behind Tydfil Training. I was soon on the road to gaining employment, at last!Corinna Bartlett 4

I had fortnightly meetings to discuss my job searches and to help me with any queries that I may have had and felt my confidence returning. I had just left Tydfil Training to make my appointment with Job Centre Plus and whilst I was waiting there, I had a phone call from the Employment Liaison Officer to go back to the office because he had a job which he thought was suitable for me and wanted me to apply for. I arrived back at Tydfil Training and they had already arranged for me to receive an application form and booked me a slot at the company’s open day. I filled in the application form and took it with me to my appointment. I had two interviews with the company and a few days later, I had a phone call to say that I had been successful and had got the job; I was over the moon!

I took my letter of confirmation to Tydfil Training a few days later, because I was so proud of myself and was excited to tell them all in the office, they were so happy for me and I will never forget what they have all done for me. I have also had financial help from Job-Fit to get my car back on the road due to my position being driver essential. I am so grateful to all the staff, especially the Employment Liaison Officer because without him I would never have got this job and the Job-Fit team in Swansea for their assistance.

Corinna Bartlett

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